Templeman Consultancy

Delivering winning tender writing, training, and business development across the UK

Templeman Consultancy have a great deal of experience in writing winning Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, (PQQ) Invitation to Tenders (ITT), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Advanced Requests for Quotation (ARFQ) for their clients.

This winning formula involves Managing the whole bid process from sourcing the tender to submitting the final version, gathering key information from staff members, researching the buyer, identifying win themes and reviewing company policies.

We also offer a free sourcing service which involves sending any contract notices which we believe might be appropriate for your company, with no requirement for you to subsequently use our services. For more information about this service please contact maddy@templemanconsultancy.co.uk.

We also offer a reviewing service which involves reviewing your completed submission and supporting documents, identifying areas for improvement and supplying feedback to enable you to score maximum marks for each question.

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