Templeman Consultancy Tendering

We offer a full range of tendering assistance including a full writing service as well as reviewing your submissions.

We have worked with companies across multiple sectors and have an excellent track record of helping them win contracts.

Activities include:

  • Project managing all aspects of your bid submission including drafting your tender, reviewing with your key staff, incorporating changes and finalising the entire bid

  • Interviewing key members of staff to gather specific answers to questions

  • Researching the buyer and identifying their strategic priorities, purchasing drivers and local initiatives

  • Identifying key win themes.

We help win contracts including:

  • Transport management company who have won several government contracts

  • Engineering company who have been successful in joining a number of approved supplier lists for construction projects

  • Small construction company who won a 10-year contract with a leading utilities provider

  • Taxi company who achieved a 3-year contract with a local hospital

  • PAT Testing business who won a 3-year contract which has enabled them to recruit more staff

  • Charitable handyman service who maintained a contract with a local council which represented 80% of their turnover

  • Digital marketing company who won a 3-year contract with a major charity

  • SME who received EU funding to develop an online programme.

“Thanks for your help, really appreciate your skills and efforts in helping us to win the contract.”